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New to the SHARP® line in 1998 is the ER-A440.
If you own /operate a business that sells alcohol or tobacco this register is for you. With the government mandating Age Verification upon purchase of these products the ER-A440 requires proof of age with the ringing of these items or you don't make the sale, protecting you and your employees from prosecution and fines.
With it's raised key design, 68 key locations are possible making it possible to customize your keyboard to your specific needs.
The two-station high-speed alpha printer allows for quick customer movement along with a detailed customer receipt with up to a six line customized store name or message that you can change as well as a complete store journal to be kept for later inspection.
 Every sale make's your business looks more professional when the receipt shows a detailed description of the items sold along with your custom logo or special message being printed on the top and/or bottom of the receipt. The advanced clamshell printer design makes paper jams a thing of the past with easy access to the whole paper path.
A  pop up customer display that swivels to the front, rear or side view allows customers to easily see the sale as it is being rung so they don't have to look around your cashier to see. A steel drawer contains a full size cash till with five bill storage area and five coin compartments in a base that is only 16.5" x 16.5" makes the ER-A440 fit in tight spaces.

50 configurable departments and 950 PLU's standard insures you won't have to go shopping for a bigger better register as your business grows.
Backup capability is built right in. Your servicing dealer can backup your programming to a floppy disk or a PC so that at a later date if an unfortunate accident would happen your programming information is restorable quickly and you won't have to totally reprogram your register.

SHARP® has made the user friendly programming easier with its on display prompts. You won't have to make that call or find that book to make programming changes. Just turn your key to the programming mode and step through instructions are right there on your display.

Validation for your paid out receipts and customer checks is built in also, just raise the printer coin protector and slip the receipt or check in and a one touch button prints a 1 line date/time, amount and payment method of the sale right on your slip of paper.

Full cashier accountability, extensive reporting capabilities, training mode, memory expansion and advanced security are just some of the refined features this mid priced register has to offer.

 Get ordering or additional information about the SHARP® ER-A440 by filling out our handy request form.

Price Pre programmed $649.00 + Shipping

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